Friday, May 4, 2012

A preview of a few matches in the Olomoucký Kraj this weekend

Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída, skupina B (6th tier)
In what could very well be the best game in the region this weekend, 2nd place Bělotín hosts 3rd place Kojetín.  Both sides sit one point, and four points respectively behind first place Opatovice-Všechovice.  Kojětín and Bělotín were both promoted recently, and will be looking to make the next big step to the Krajský Přebor.

Okresní Přebor - Prostějov (8th tier)
In an interesting twist in the schedule, the first place team plays the last place team, while the second place team plays the second to last place team.  Both games have huge implications at opposite ends of the table.  Čechovice B travel to the far end of the county to play Otinoves who have played a little better recently, and should give the first place side a good match.  Protivanov sits two points behind Čechovice B, and travel to the village of Dobromilice.  All four teams need three points, so it should make for an interesting weekend.

III třída - Prostějov (9th tier)
SK Prostějov sit a comfortable six points ahead with seven games left, and they look good for first place. They travel to Tištín, a mid-table side who could cause problems.  A draw wouldn't be a disaster for SK.  Second place side, Smržice make the short trip to Kostelec to play their reserves, in what is a local derby. Again, the visitors will be looking for full points to keep pace with SK.  Nezamyslice B have kind of creeped up on everyone and sit within six points of first. They make the short trip to Němčice nad Hanou this weekend.

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