Monday, April 30, 2012

A look back at some games from the Olomoucký Kraj

A small review of the matches I selected to look out for this past weekend.

In the Krajský Přebor - Olomoucký Kraj (5th tier), Určice came up with a big 2-1 win away to HFK Olomouc B. The win for Určice keeps them 7 points behind Hranice (first place) who won 5-0 away to Dolany.

Meanwhile, in Lipník nad Bečvou (1 A třída, skupina B - 6th tier), the hosts defeated Jesenec 2-1 in a key relegation match.  With the loss, Jesenec finds themselves 10 points behind the 13th place side, and look good for relegation.  However, if they can pull things together, they have still got 8 more matches to pick up some much need victories.

One step below in the 1 B třída, skupina A (7th tier), we saw the wind takeover the match between Haná Prostějov and Lipová.  The visitors ran away with a 3-0 victory, after they scored all three goals with the wind in the second half.  The result was a little harsh for Haná, as they scored an own goal, and gave up the other goals on the counter.  Lipová seemed rather arrogant, especially the one player who scored two goals.  He had a momentary lapse (twice), and forgot he was playing in a low league game. Perhaps he thought he was playing in the Premier League in England, when he bent down on his knees, and raised his arms in a fist pump after scoring.  Seriously?  Both were quality goals, but come on now.

Down in Okresní Přebor Prostějov (8th tier) first place Protivanov lost 3-2 away Určice B, which meant they dropped down to 2nd place after Čechovice B defeated Hvozd 2-0.

Finally, in the III třída (9th tier), we saw Haná Prostějov B go down to SK Prostějov 1-0 in Mostkovice on Sunday afternoon.  The wind made things almost impossible, knocking the ball down on several occasions. It was all about what side could do better with and against the wind.  Haná really played a poor game, and looked lost at times.  They just couldn't manage with the wind in both halves, which set up SK for the three points.  SK were full value for the win, as they knocked the ball around nicely in the 2nd half to set up the winning goal.  With the win, SK solidifies their place at the top of the table.

SK players celebrate with supporters

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