Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review of matches played this weekend in Olomoucký Kraj

This past Friday, I picked out a few matches to watch out for in the Olomoucký Kraj this past weekend. Down in the 6th tier (I A třída, skupina B), Kojetín won a crucial home match 4-2 against third place Bělotín,  This win keeps them in second place, four points behind leader Opatovice who won 3-0 away to Klenovice.  Down at the bottom of the table, Jesenec won 2-1 against Dub nad Moravou, but they still sit a massive 9 points behind the 13th place team.

Taking a look in the Prostějov region (8th tier - Okresní Přebor), there were a few important matches over the weekend.  First place Čechovice B lost a stunner 2-0 away to last place Otinoves.  Luckily for them, second place Protivanov could only manage a 1-1 draw away to Dobromilice.  Protivanov currently sit one point behind.  These results opened the door for third place Přemyslovice who won 3-1 away to Držovice.  They now sit four points behind Čechovice B.

One level below saw SK Prostějov win 2-1 away to mid-table Tíštín.  The win keeps them six points ahead of 2nd place Smržice who won 3-1 away to Kostelec na Hané B.

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