Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 19, 2013 - Klenovice na Hané 4 Haná Prostějov 3

The old train station in Čelcice which is no longer open to the public.

On the way to Klenovice

October 19, 2013
Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída (6th division)
Klenovice na Hané 4 Haná Prostějov 3
Attendance - 90

Another year, and another trip to Klenovice na Hané, a small village of 900 people located about 10km south of Prostějov.  As usual, I took a short train ride to Čelcice and walked 2km to Klenovice.

Klenovice is a footbal side which always seems to be close to getting things right.  They have a nice stadium, for the level, and always have a young talented side.  However, they never seem able to get over the final hurdle and win promotion to the 5th tier Olomoucký Krajský Přebor.  They are currently in 2nd place, only two points behind Opatovice-Všechovice.  It looks like this year could be their year, with a little help of the players on loan from SK Prostějov.

Haná had to use two B team players this year, and one 16 year old because they did not have enough players.  Klenovice were younger, faster, but Haná are more experienced and played a smart game.  In the end though, it was not enough for the visitors, as Klenovice picked up the three points.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stadion SK Hranice

I took some pictures of the main stadium of SK Hranice before the Hranice B vs Haná Prostějov game a few weeks back.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 5, 2013 - Hranice B 4 Haná Prostějov 0

October 5, 2013
Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída (6th division)
Hranice B 4 Haná Prostějov 0
Attendance - 20

This was my second trip to Hranice na Moravé as my first trip was in 2002 to watch a Czech Cup game between Sigma Olomouc and Hranice.  The the time, Hranice were playing in the 3rd division.  I do not remember much from the game, but I believe Sigma won 2-0 and only a few other Sigma supporters made the short trip to Hranice.

Czech Cup game from 2002
Czech Cup - Hranice vs Sigma in 2002

My trip a few weekends ago was easy enough, but it took a little long to travel 70km by train.  I had to go from Prostějov-Olomouc-Hranice na Moravě.  Hranice is a town of 18,000 people and looks to be a decent place for a short tourist visit, if you like that kind of thing.  Unfortunately, if you are coming by train, the walk from the main train station to the football stadium is about 3-4km.  It could be possible to take a weekend city bus, but they might not run that often.  The stadium is across the river, and if you are travelling without the help of a map, you will definitely need to stop to ask for directions.  There are not many signs leading to the football stadium.

The second negative of the weekend was that the game was played on an artificial pitch next to the main stadium.  The quality of the pitch was okay for an artificial one, but it can never replace grass.  The third negative was the main stand.  It reminded me of the temporary bleachers so often found in North America.  This one was not in the best of condition, and looked like it had had better days

The fourth negative was the actual game.  The hosts had a few Divize (4th division) players, which clearly made a huge difference. Haná never had their heads in the game, thanks to a few unfortunate calls by the referee.  Everything just went downhill after a 50/50 penalty call against Haná early in the game.  Hranice B scored, and from there on in, never looked like they would drop any points.  The guests collected 8 yellow cards, and 1 red for their efforts.  A number of yellow cards were for yelling and complaining to the referee.  Attendance was only around 20 people and at kick off there were only 5 people.

As a Haná supporter, it was a game I will want to forget.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September 29, 2013 - 2. liga floorball - Playmakers Prostějov 3 Havířov 9

September 29, 2013
2. Liga Floorball - 3rd tier
Playmakers Prostějov 3 Havířov 9
Attendance - 9

I was not able to get to a football game a few weekends back, so I had to settle for a floorball game in Prostějov.  It has always been my last resort.  Apparently, many people in Prostějov also think so as the attendance was only 9 people.  To be fair, Playmakers Prostějov usually get around 30-40 people, but it all depends on when the game starts.  They usually play their home games at random times throughout the weekend depending on the availability of the hall.  This particular game was played on a Sunday morning at 10am which could have explained the crowd.  There was one supporter who had a home made banner and chanted throughout the match.  He seems to be a regular at the games, as I always see him.