Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov 2/08 - Olomoucký kraj - 1.A třída skupina B - Sokol Mostkovice 0 Sokol Troubky 6

November 2/08 - Olomoucký kraj - 1. A Třida Skupina B (6th division)
Sokol Mostkovice 0 Sokol Troubky 0
admission: 20kc
beer: 18kc (cerna hora!)
attendance: 115
game rating: 6.5/10

On a lazy, and unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon, I decided to make the short 3km trip to Mostkovice. The ground in situated on the edge of the town, and is within walking distance from Prostějov.

I didn't go into the game expecting much from the hosts, as they sat near the bottom of the table. The visitors on the day, Sokol Troubky, had better fortunes so far this season, and were near the top of the table. Mostkovice struggled most of the day, especially in the back, where they were quite weak. Troubky took advantage of this and lead 2-0 at the end of the first half. They went on to score four more goals in the second half.

Oct 30/08 - Czech Cup 4th Round - FK Mutěnice 0 Baník Ostrava 3

October 30th, 2008 - Czech Cup 4th Round
FK Mutěnice 0 Baník Ostrava 3
admission: 50kc
attendance: 2100 (150 away support)
beer: 22kc (Gambrinus)
game rating: 5.5/10

I'll assume that most people reading this don't know where Mutěnice is? Well, it is a small town of 3,500 in the wine region of Southern Moravia. There are a number of beautiful old and colourful wine cellars scattered at the foot of the vineyards on the edge of town. If you are in the area they are worth a visit.

The stadium is about a 10-15 minute walk from the centre of the town. It is in a nice setting with vineyards in the background. As for the stadium itself, it was decent for a 3rd division club. It was clear that the club had to make some temporary 'improvements' to accomodate the crowd, such as the skids for people to stand on. Normally the club draws around 200-300 for league games.

Today was a big game for the club and town as Ostrava was the opposition. The crowd quite large for a weekday 14:30 kickoff. Mutěnice had a few early chances on goal, and really should have got the first one with a little luck. However, the class of Ostrava, even at half-speed, showed as the game wore on.