Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The future of SK Prostějov up in the air? 108 years of tradition ...

* update 12:00 - FK could merge with SK which means the SK name will remain *

SK or FK, what is in a name?  Well, one has a 108 years of tradition, and the other is a franchise purchased at the last moment and parachuted into the 4th division.  SK stands for what is right in football these days, and FK is what is completely wrong with football.  The sad reality is that money talks, and 108 years of tradition doesn't really mean anything to some.

Both are technically from the same club, but they couldn't be further apart in terms of support from the city etc.  First, SK had to go play in Mostkovice because there wasn't anywhere in the city for them to play.  The pitch in Mostkovice isn't in the best condition, so SK will play their remaining few home games in Kostelec na Hané.  It seems that only a few people in this city still care about SK, and to me, it looks like FK just wishes that they would go away.

Unfortunately, this might happen, as I've heard that this could be the last season for SK.  It is possible this summer that all teams under the SK name will become FK.  To some this doesn't mean much, but to others, it could be the death of their football club.

SK has a long and proud tradition, but what does FK have?  They have nothing.

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