Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 4, 2018 - Sokol Kovalovice 6 Haná Prostějov 0

August 4, 2018 - Olomoucký kraj - 1 B třída - 7th tier
Sokol Kovalovice 6 Haná Prostějov 0
Attendance - 67

For the first time since the 2012/13 season, Kovalovice are a stand alone team.  They were previously known as Kojetín B, but they have changed back to their historical name.  The village only has a population of around 140 which makes it one of the smallest places in the Czech Republic to have a football club (formed in 1942). The atmosphere at the matches is decent as it seems the village really supports the club.  They even have an online fan shop which is very rare for this level.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 3, 2018 - Lipová 4 Čechovice 0

August 3, 2018 - Olomoucký kraj - 1 A třída - 6th tier
Lipová 4 Čechovice 0
Att - 98

Lipová played in the Czech 4th tier for four season between 2000 and 2004, and in the 3rd tier from 2004 to 2008.  Not too bad for a village of 731.  I could be wrong, but I think for a few years they were essentially supported by Sigma Olomouc.  From what I read, Lipová was a C team for Sigma.

The ground is one of my favourites in the Prostějov district and I would highly recommend a visit for those who enjoy groundhopping.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July 28, 2018 - Czech Cup - 1st round - Hranice 5 Ústí u Hranic 4 (AET)

Czech Cup - 1st round
July 28. 2018 
Hranice 5 Ústí u Hranic 4 (AET)

I was expecting a little more off the field, but on the field I was not disappointed.  Last weekend, I made the short trip to Hranice, a place I have been a number of times to watch football.  For me, the worst part of watching football in Hranice is the 45 minute walk from the train station to the football pitch.  I suppose it isn't that long, but in 32C heat it is not the best option.

Both clubs play in the 4th tier of football in the Czech Republic and are only separated by 2 or 3km.  As such, I was expecting a bigger crowd for this local derby, but only 280 people showed up.  It was their loss, as the match was fantastic.  Hranice scored on the last play of the match to tie it at 3-3 and to send it into extratime.  From there three more goals were scored and Hranice eventually came out on top.

I am not sure when the stadium was built, but I think it was during the 1950's.  In 1997 the stadium was badly damaged after the Bečva river flooded.  It underwent renovation last in 2012.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July 18, 2018 - Friendly - Čechovice 0 Hněvotín 3 (in Vrahovice)

July 18, 2018 - Friendly in Vrahovice
Čechovice (6th tier) 0 Hněvotín (5th tier) 3
Attendance - 30

I am not sure why Čechovice did not host this match on their pitch, which is probably only 5km away from Vrahovice.  Hněvotín are only one tier higher than Čechovice but the difference in technical quality was clear.  They just had that extra step which Čechovice did not have.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 1, 2018 - World U16 Boys Ball Hockey Championships - Canada vs USA

World U16 Boys Ball Hockey Championships in Přerov, Czech Republic

Canada vs USA
Attendance - 200

I did not really know what to expect because ball hockey is a sport which I played on the streets in Canada when I was a little boy.  I was not sure what the level was going to be, but since this was a World Championships, I expect the level to be decent.  The match was played in ice arena where the 2nd tier Přerov hockey team plays.  Most of the crowd was made up of a respectable amount of Americans and Canadians who made the trip to support their children.  I do not remember the score, but I think it might have been Canada 0 USA 3.