Saturday, July 4, 2020

May 24, 2020 - Ptení 1 Protivanov 6

May 24, 2020
Ptení (9th tier) 1 Protivanov (6th tier) 6
Attendance - 85

A few weeks back I went to Ptení for a friendly match, which is most cases I would not have bothered with.  Ptení is located around 15km from Prostějov, and has a population of 1,075. With no football being played in the Czech Republic, because of Convid-19, from early March to mid-May, I jumped at the opportunity to cycle to Ptení for a match. 

It was not the most interesting of matches, because the visitors play at three levels higher. None of that really mattered, as I just wanted to watch live football again.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

May 23, 2020 - Sigma Lutín 3 Černovír 1

May 23, 2020 - friendly in Hněvotín
Sigma Lutín 3 Černovír 1
Attendance - 60

My first football match in 10 weeks was last weekend in Hněvotín, which is a village very close to Olomouc.  At the time, the Czech government had regulations on events over 100 people, including the participants.  This meant that there was a possibilty to catch a match in one of the villages near Prostějov or Olomouc.  All leagues have been cancelled in the Czech Republic, except for the top two tiers, so there are a number of friendlies scattered across the country between lower tier sides. 

Both clubs last weekend play in the 5th tier in the Czech Republic, which meant that the match was play at a reasonable level.  This was also my first time in Hněvotín for football, and I am now at 95 grounds in Olomoucký kraj.

Monday, May 25, 2020

May 13, 2020 - SK Prostějov 4 Sigma Olomouc 0

May 13, 2020 - friendly
SK Prostějov 4 Sigma Olomouc 0
Attendance - 25

In a close door friendly a few weeks back, 2nd tier SK Prostějov rolled past first tier Sigma Olomouc 4-0.  This was the first match for both clubs since the outbreak of Convid-19, and only two days after the relaxation of some regulations by the Czech government. The match was technically played without spectators, but a few people who are connected to the club were allowed in.  I only watched about 15 minutes, because for me, that was enough.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 7, 2020 - Prostějov 1 Ústí nad Labem 1

Czech Republic 2nd tier - March 7, 2020
SK Prostějov 1 Ústi nad Labem 1
Attendance - 500

With nothing better to do, I decided to walk the short distance to watch SK Prostějov play.  I usually go to a few games every season, but they are most certainly not my first choice.  Little did I know at the time, that this was going to be my last live football match for a number of months.

There were some groundhoppers at the game, which kind of surprised me that any would bother to come to Prostějov, because the ground is not interesting at all.  At least the match was okay, even though it was clear both sides were quite rusty after coming off such a long winter break.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 1, 2020 - Kroměříž 2 Dubnica 1

March 1, 2020 - Friendly
Kroměříž 2 Dubnica 1
Attendance - 55

Kroměříž is one of my favourite places to visit, and being only 30 minutes from where I live, it is an easy trip to watch some football.  The weather was sunny, and warm, by early March standards, so the match was played on a grass training pitch next to the main stadium.  Kroměříž plays in the Czech 3rd tier, while Dubnica plays in the Slovak 2nd tier.  On paper, the visitors are a better team, but it does not always work out like that.  Kroměříž jumped out to a 2-0 lead, and managed to hold on for the remainder of the match.  Based on overall play, they deserved the win.

I would highly recommend a visit to Kroměříž for a little culture, local beer and football.