Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 21, 2018 - Ujezdec u Přerova 2 Haná Prostějov 0

April 21, 2018 - Olomoucký Kraj - 1 B třída - 7th tier
Ujezdec u Přerova 2 Haná Prostějov 0
Attendance - 120

This was my first visit to Ujezdec since Haná last played in the village in May 2010.  Ujezdec has a population of around 300 people, and it is technically a part of Přerov.  It is an easy 30 minute walk from the main train station in Přerov.  There is not much to say about the match, as it was quite hot, and Haná did not have many players on the bench.  They had problems keeping up with the home side, but they did have a few chances get at least one goal.  As for the beer, they obviously had Zubr on tap, which is the local Přerov beer.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 14, 2018 - Vyškov 0 Velké Meziříčí 3

April 14, 2018 - MSFL - 3rd tier
Vyškov 0 Velké Meziříčí 3
Attendance - 283

I have been to Vyškov (population around 23,000) numerous times in the past, but this time I had a purpose.  Franck Zoue who happens to be Canadian plays for the home side, and I wanted to see him play.  It was just my luck that he was not on the roster on the day and played for the B team in the 6th tier.

The stadium is not one of my favourites because of the huge track which surrounds the pitch.  It is located only 10 minutes from the train station, so that is one advantage.  Vyškov had higher attendances in the past, but they seem to be struggling at the gate despite being near the top half of the table.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

July 13, 2017 - Europa League - Shkendija (MKD) 3 HJK Helsinki (FIN) 1

July 13, 2017
Europa League - 2nd round qualifying 1st leg
Shkednija 3 HFK Helsinki 1
Attendance - 1,492

Over the past few years, most European matches in Macedonia had been played in Skopje, but the main stadium this time around was not available.  Most of the early round European matches were played in Strumica in the southeast part of the country.

Mladost Stadium was in poor condition at the time, and probably barely qualified for European play.  The only positive was the pitch, which was in fantastic condition.

Shkendija are from Tetovo in the northwest of Macedonia and about 200km from Strumica.  This fact obviously hurt attendance, and the 37C temperature certainly didn't help either.

Since last summer the stadium has hosted a few full international matches and has been renovated with new seats, stands, and proper lighting.

Futsal - Okres Prostějov - January 28, 2018

Futsal - Okres Prostějov - 1. třída
January 28, 2018
Attendance - 4

Okres Prostějov is the 5th tier of futsal in the Czech Republic.  The league plays on weekends from November to February.  Tournaments are played in Prostějov, Kostelec na Hané, Nezamyslice and Němčice nad Hanou.

This particular tournament which I attented was played in Kostelec, and as you can see it is not the most popular spectator sport.  The level is not terrible and a few years back one club from Prostějov made it to the Czech Cup quarter-finals.

Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018 - Small sided football pitches in Vojtěchov and Ludmírov

The above pitch is located just outside of Vojtěchov in a forest near the village saw mill.  Vojtěchov has a population of only around 100 and it is unlikely that it ever had a proper football club.  It is only 31km from Prostějov but it seems like a different world. 

The last village I visited on my Sunday hike was Ludmírov, which has a population of around 570.  It may only be 34km from Prostějov, but by public transport it takes 1 hour.  Ludmírov is probably best known locally for a few caves wihch are located close to the village.  In 1930, the population was 1,030, and 40 years later it was 728, so it seems likely the village must have had a proper football club at some point over the last 90 years.