Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018 - Small sided football pitches in Vojtěchov and Ludmírov

The above pitch is located just outside of Vojtěchov in a forest near the village saw mill.  Vojtěchov has a population of only around 100 and it is unlikely that it ever had a proper football club.  It is only 31km from Prostějov but it seems like a different world. 

The last village I visited on my Sunday hike was Ludmírov, which has a population of around 570.  It may only be 34km from Prostějov, but by public transport it takes 1 hour.  Ludmírov is probably best known locally for a few caves wihch are located close to the village.  In 1930, the population was 1,030, and 40 years later it was 728, so it seems likely the village must have had a proper football club at some point over the last 90 years.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Friendly - Jan 13, 2018 - Vyškov 1 Brno 6

Friendly - Jan 13, 2018
Vyškov 1 Brno 6
Attendance - 200

Vyškov is not really known for sports, as the city does not have many high level sports teams.  The local football side plays in the 3rd tier, and the futsal side plays in the 2nd tier. The city is probably best known for a near-by military base rather than football.  As of late, the club has been looking outside of  Europe for talent, which is a little unusual for this level. 

The pitch was located next to an empty field, and there was no cover for the strong wind which was blowing all game.  It was freezing!  Brno plays in the first tier, and dominated the match from the first minute.  They actually scored 20-30 seconds into the match, and had little problems from there on in.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Protivanov - 2018

To continue my obsession with finding the football club which plays at the highest level, I made my way to Protivanov.  It is 21km from Prostejov, and has an elevation of 685m.  With a population of 1,001 it is not exactly a small village, but it definitely has a rural feeling.  I still have no been able to get to a match in Protivanov, because I usually travel by bus which have bad connections to Protivanov on the weekends.

The biggest success for Protivanov was playing in the 4th tier a few years back, and making it to the Czech Cup 3rd round in 2010 vs first tier Sigma Olomouc.  A fantastic accomplishment for a football club in the 'hills'.  They are now playing in the 7th tier.

Monday, January 8, 2018

January 2018 - Malé Hradisko

Just outside of the clubhouse

I am a little obsessed to find which club in the Czech Republic plays at the highest altitude.  In the past I found a club in Bohemia which plays at over 700m.  The village of 365 sits at an elevation of 585m.  It is only 25km from Prostějov, but can take around 30-40 minutes by bus.

The local football club folder after the 2005/06 season while playing in the 10th tier.  They reformed in 2010 at the same level, but folded again in 2013 because of lack of players.  This might prove to be difficult, as the population has been on a steady decline since the 1960's when over 700 people called the village home.

Monday, January 1, 2018

December 30, 2017 - Moravský Beroun

Not a football trip this time, but a hiking trip.  Moravský Beroun is a town of 3,000 about 35km north of Olomouc.  On the weekends it is possible to reach by train, and to get to the actual town it is about a 1.5 walk up a path.  The local football club plays in the 6th tier and for the past 25 years they have bounced around the 6th-8th tiers.

For pictures from an actual match, I highly recommend checking out Los Misenas who were at a match in 2016 between Moravský Beroun B and Drahanovice.