Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 25, 2015 - Okresní Přebor Prostějov - Skalka 0 Haná Prostějov 3

April 25, 2015
Okresní Přebor Prostějov - 8th tier
Skalka 0 Haná Prostějov 3
Attendance - 110

Skalka is a small spa village of around 250 people located about 10km south of Prostějov.  Their football team started in the 10th tier 3 years ago but the village does not have a football pitch.  In their first year they play in Výšovice, but for the past 2 years they have played in Klenovice na Hané.  The distance between Klenovice na Hané and Skalka is around 4km, and it looked like half of the village showed up yesterday.

As for the game, Haná dominated much of the first half, and deserved the three points.  On a side note, Haná must be one of the oldest teams in the league, but they are probably the strongest.  Their captain is 52-years old and he still starts and plays 90 minutes most games.  Hopefully, they will be promoted this year, as they are making a strong push.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 19, 2015 - Okres Šumperk - Moravičany 3 Jestřebi 2

April 19, 2015
Okres Šumperk III třída - 9th tier
Moravičany 3 Jestřebi 2
Att 110

If you have ever travelled to or from Prague in the direction of Olomouc or Ostrava, you have passed Moravičany.  It is a place I have passed a number of times, but it took me 8 years to visit the village for football.  However, the main motivation to visit was the direct train from Prostějov.  The ground was quite good for a 9th tier side, with a small stand, and a decent playing surface.  Moravičany also has a small group of supporters which also adds a little to the game.

Friday, April 3, 2015

March 21, 2015 - Přerov B 0 Beňov 9

March 21, 2015
Benov 9 Přerov B 0
Attendance: 14

A friendly between two a 6th division and 7th division team at a football pitch surrounded by a track sounds like a great way to spend an afteroon, doesn't it?

Přerov B plays all of their league games at a stadium located about a 10-minute walk from the main train station.  The stadium is obviously still used for athletics, but it doesn't seem like the best place for a football match.  Facilites are non-existent, and the whole place kind of has a used up feeling.  It is clear that the stadium does have some history, as their is evidence of stone terraces.  With that being said, I think the best days are long gone.