Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 13th - 1. SK Prostějov U18 5 Kralice na Hané U18 0

Admission - free
Attendance - 100

The game was played at the main ground of 1. SK Prostějov (hopefully their will be a men's team next year using the stadium). As expected, the game was pretty much one-sided. Prostějov dominated throughout and Kralice only had a handful of chances. The ground itself is quite old, and in many places are in need of repair. I think I read a few weeks back (my Czech isn't very good), that the club wants to build a new stand at the cost of around 10 million krowns (about $500,000). If this happens, hopefully they don't remove all of the old trees that are inside the ground.

April 13th - Sokol Konice "B" 0 Haná Prostějov 0

Admission - 20kc
Attendance - 50

Konice is a village of about 2,200 located 30km to the west of Prostějov. Their first team plays in the Divize D, which is one of five regional fourth divisions. Their "B" team plays in the Olomoucký kraj - Prostějov okres II.třída (8th division). Even though the game finished 0-0, it was entertaining as both clubs attacked throughout the match. It was an important away point for Haná Prostějov, as they currently sit at the top of the division. Hopefully they can keep up their good form and get promoted to the I. B třída for next year.

The last picture I posted is the new ground that Konice is buidling. It looks quite impressive for the level of football. Clearly this is a club with higher aspirations. I assume it will be ready for the fall.

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 6th - FC Morávia Doloplazy 6 TJ Sokol Brodek u Prostějova B 1

Přebor - Olomoucký kraj - OFS Prostějov IV. třída B

Admission - free
Attendance - 40

Well, welcome to the bottom of the Czech football pyramid. When I say the bottom, I mean the 10th level of division. I won't go into further detail, as it can be quite confusing, but there are numerous regional 10th divisions scattered across the country.

On Sunday, I went to Doloplazy, which is about 20km south of Prostějov. Doloplazy is a sleepy little village of around 500 people. The club had a decent stand, with a little room for purchases such as beer. The pitch wasn't in great condition, but that is to be expected. It should be noted that Chmel Blsany, who are now in the 3rd division spent a number of years in the Gambrinus Liga, and one campaign in a European competition. Blsany is a small village of 800, and it was hard to imagine a place a little bigger than Doloplazy in the Gambrinus Liga.

The game itself wasn't great, but it was entertaining enough. There were a number of mistakes in the back which lead to a few goals by Doloplazy. In one goal, the pitch had a little slope, which helped Doloplazy for one goal. One of their players took a kick at the ball, but missed.... however, the ball rolled down the little slope towards the goal, which gave the player another 'kick at the can'. This time he put the ball in the back of the net.