Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Promotion/Relegation for the 2012/13 season

According to Prostějovsý Večerník, the promotion/relegation spots have been decided for the various Prostějov area clubs that play in the Olomucký Kraj leagues.  All of this is according to a local newspaper, so perhaps not 100% official.  However, it should be correct.

Divize E (4th tier)
- FK Orlová-Lutyně and 1. SK Prostějov promoted to MSFL (3rd tier)
- FK Krnov relegated to Moravskoslezský Krajský Přebor (5th tier)

Olomoucký Krajský Přebor (5th tier)
- Hranice promoted to Divize D or E (4th tier)
- Loštice relegated to 1 A třída (6th tier)

1 A třída, skupina A (6th tier)
- Šternberk promoted to Olomoucký Krajský Přebor (5th tier)
- Vikýřovice relegated to 1 B třída (7th tier)

1 A třída, skupina B (6th tier)
- Opatovice promoted to Olomoucký Krajský Přebor (5th tier)
- Jesenec relegated to 1 B třída (7th tier)

1 B třída, skupina A (7th tier)
- Haná Prostějov promoted to 1 A třída, skupina B (6th tier)
- Želatovice B, Hustopeče relegated to OFS Přerov II třída (8th tier)

Okresní Přebor Prostějov II třída (8th tier)
- Protivanov promoted to 1 B třída, skupina B (7th tier)
- Dobromilice relegated to III třída (9th tier)

III třída (9th tier)
- SK Prostějov, Smržice, Vyšovice and Haná Prostějov B all promoted to II třída (8th tier)
- Kladky relegated to IV třída (10th tier)

IV třída, skupina A (10th tier)
- Ptení, Mostkovice B, Brodek u Konice promoted to III třída (9th tier)

IV třída, skupina B (10th tier)
- Pivín B, Vrahovice B, and Ivan promoted to III třída (9th tier)

There were so many promotions in the III třída and IV třída because the leagues will be changed a little.  From my understand, the II třída will have 16 teams, as will the III třída.  By my count the IV třída should have 14 clubs, which means only one group instead of two they have now.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MSFL, Divize D and E for 2012/13

According to this link, the clubs for MSFL (3rd tier), Divize D (4th tier) and Divize E (4th tier) have been decided for the 2012/13 season.

MSFL: 1 - FC Tescoma Zlín B, 2 - SK Sigma Olomouc B, 3 - SK Uničov, 4 - FC Slovan Rosice, 5 - FK Fotbal Třinec, 6 - MSK Břeclav, 7 - SK Hanácká Slavia Kroměříž, 8 - 1. FC Slovácko B, 9 - 1.SK Prostějov, 10 - MFK Frýdek-Místek, 11 - FC Baník Ostrava B, 12 - SK Sulko Zábřeh, 13 - FC Hlučín, 14 - FC ŽĎAS Žďár nad Sázavou, 15 - SK Spartak Hulín, 16 - FK Slavia Orlová-Lutyně.
Divize D: 1 - RSM Hodonín, 2 - SK Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, 3 - SK Líšeň, 4 - FC Dosta Bystrc-Kníničky, 5 - Slavoj TKZ Polná, 6 - FS Napajedla, 7 - Horácký FK Třebíč, 8 - SFK Vrchovina, 9 - FK Pelhřimov, 10 - FC Vracov, 11 - Tatran Brno-Bohunice, 12 - MFK Vyškov, 13 - FC Viktoria Otrokovice, 14 - FC Slovácká Sparta Spytihněv, 15 - FC Velké Meziříčí, 16 - Sokol Tasovice.
Divize E: 1 - 1.FC Viktorie Přerov, 2 - Sokol Lískovec, 3 - TJ Valašské Meziříčí, 4 - FK SAN-JV Šumperk, 5 - SK Hranice, 6 - FK Mohelnice, 7 - FC Elseremo Brumov, 8 SFC Opava B, 9 - MFK OKD Karviná B, 10 - SK Kravaře, 11 - FC TVD Slavičín, 12 - FK Mikulovice, 13 - MFK Havířov, 14 - FC Morkovice, 15 - Lokomotiva Petrovice, 16 - FK Nový Jičín.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Football news from Prostějov

With the end of the season, there has been some news as of late.  SK/FK Prostějov are supposed to merge next season, and they will take the name SK.  They were essentially the same club this past season, but had different names.  The SK Prostějov side from last year will be the B team this year, and will play in Okresní Přebor - Okres Prostějov (8th tier).  The first team will play in the MSFL, which is the 3rd tier of football in the country.

The stadium where SK will play is in the midst of renovation, and a new grass field will be put in over the summer.  Apparently, this will cause SK to play their first few games on the road.  Also, I have heard that Haná Prostějov will have to play on the inadequate artificial turf field next to the main pitch for the first half of the season.  A new stand will also be built, but I do not know when it is supposed to be completed.  Currently, the stadium only has a seating capacity of 120 or so, which is not nearly good enough for the 3rd tier of football.

At the moment, SK Prostějov think that the MSFL is a perfect fit for them, and they do not intend to win promotion to the 2nd division.  They hope to sign a few new players over the summer break.

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 17th - Okres Prostějov - IV třída - Čechy pod Kosířem P Drahany P

June 17th, 2012
Okres Prostějov - IV třída (10th tier)
Čechy pod Kosířem P Drahany P

Well, I was looking forward to going to a new ground, watching a game, and having a beer or two.  I had a slight worry that they game could be cancelled, but I went ahead anyway.  I took the direct bus to Čechy pod Kosířem from Prostějov, which took about 25 mintues.  From the stop in the centre of the village, it is about a 5 minute walk to the ground.

When I saw the ground, I was relieved to see a ball being kicked around.  Unfortunately, when I got there I could see it was just a kick around with players from Čechy.  Apparently, Drahany did not show up.  I guess I can't really blame them as they have played 15 games this season and have lost all 15.  However, I also want to say, finish out the season, try to get your first win.  Seriously, you play a 16 game season over the span of 10 months, and you don't want to play every game possible? Drahany played at home the previous weekend and went down 9-1.  I guess they had enough.

It was too bad because the ground looked like a good one to watch a game.  Very basic seating, a few benches, and a rather simplistic area for changing rooms etc.  Overall, a disappointing day for me.  I am sure I am one of only two or three people who were bothered that the game wasn't played.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 9, 2012 - Haná Nezamyslice 4 Haná Prostějov 2

June 9, 2012
Olomoucký Kraj - 1 B třída, skupina A
Haná Nezamyslice 4 Haná Prostějov 2
Attendance - 60
Admission - 20kc

Prostějov had already clinched promotion with two matches to go, so this one last Saturday had the potential to have less passion.  This is exactly what happened.  Prostějov were missing a few players and came out flat.  The problem is, they stayed flat the entire match.  A couple of needless red cards thrown in with poor defending meant that they lost 4-2, and it could have been worse.  One more match to go this season on Sunday morning at 10 when they host Pivín.

The above video shows a goal by Nezamyslice and a red card by Prostejov,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2nd, 2012 - Smržice 1 SK Prostějov 1

A video I found on youtube from the above mentioned match.  It is from Okres Prostějov III třída. You can also find more videos from past Smržice matches here.