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December 31st, 2011 - Friendly - SK/FK Prostějov 'young' 3 SK/FK Prostějov 'old' 1

December 31st, 2011
SK/FK Prostějov 'young' 3 SK/FK Prostějov 'old' 3
Attendance: 30
Admission: Free

Desperate for a live match, I was happy when I read that SK/FK Prostějov would host a New Years Eve match. These type of matches have become more and more popular around the Czech Republic, with the biggest probably being Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague 'oldtimers'.

The match in Prostějov had much less fan-fare, or should I say, almost zero. It kicked off at 10am, and a crowd of around 30 people were in attendance. The weather was beautiful, but I guess most people didn't know about the match, or just didn't care. Both sides were a mixture of current players, with a smattering of former players who are still playing, and from the Prostějov area.

The level of play was quite good, despite the awful quality of the artificial pitch. The city really needs to replace it as soon as possible. If they put in a better quality pitch, perhaps they could get more use out of it?

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