Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 19th, 2011 - Jižní Moravy a Zlín - Hockey - Plumlov 4 Uherský Brod 3

November 19th, 2011 - Jižní Moravy a Zlín (4th tier)
Plumlov 4 Uherský Brod 3
Admission: 20kc
Attendance: 20

As football in the lower divisions is on a winter break, I must look to a few other sports over the next few months. Since I am Canadian, hockey seems like a logical choice.

On the night when Jestřabi Prostějov (3rd place in the 3rd tier of hockey), played a crucial derby game away to Přerov, I decided to see what kind of a turn out Plumlov would get. Jestřabi Prostějov typically gets around 1,200-2,000 fans a game. Plumlov on the other hand gets 20-50. They have to play their games in Prostějov, as the town of Plumlov (population 2,000), doesn't have any proper facilities for hockey.

I heard that around 400-500 Prostějov supporters went to Přerov, and that the atmosphere was fantastic as usual. Things couldn't have been any more different at the Plumlov game. I walked into the arena a few minutes before the puck dropped. The lights were dim, and I counted one person on the far side stands, and one other in the stands closest to the main doors. As the puck dropped, a few people slowly stepped out of the arena pub, more out of nothing better to do, I suspect. The game itself was quite good, as are most at this level. Usually they are quite high scoring, as the players tend to make quite a few mistakes.

The game had zero atmosphere. Most people couldn't be bothered to clap if there was a goal. Two or three people from Uherský Brod made the trip, which helped push the crowd to 20 people. I wonder, does Plumlov have any supporters? The town isn't too far away, so how come they don't come and support a club which has had a long history?

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