Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 11, 2011 - Olomoucký Kraj Futsal - Relax Prostějov 7 AC Gamaspol Jeseník "B" 2

December 11th, 2011
Olomoucký Kraj - Futsal (4th tier)
Relax Prostějov 7 AC Gamaspol Jeseník "B" 2
Attendance - 30
Admission - Free

December is usually a football free month (the 1st division had one round in the month this year), so I must look elsewhere for my football fix. A few weeks back I made the short 5-minute train trip to the near-by village of Kostelec na Hané to watch an Olomoucký Kraj futsal match. The league falls into the 4th tier of futsal in the country.

Relax Prostějov last year played all the their games in Šumperk, which is where the weekly tournaments were played. This year, they are being spread around a little more, with tournaments taking place in Šumperk, Kostelec na Hané, and Mikulovice. I certainly appreciate it, as it gives me a chance to see the highest level of futsal in the city.

Admission to all the games on the day was free. Despite this, a crowd of mostly friends and family showed up, with a smattering of local village kids. It is too bad, as the level of futsal was certainly entertaining, with Jeseník being a younger squad, while Prostějov were the much more experienced side. This showed, as the hosts ran away with an easy victory. So far this year they have played 6 matches, and have won them all. Last year, they finished first in the competition, and I was hoping they would get promoted to the Divize (3rd tier), but sadly this didn't happen.

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