Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spring of 2006 - Midlands Football Alliance - Westfields 2 Friar Lane & Epworth 2

Spring of 2006
Midlands Football Alliance (step 9)
Westfields 2 Friar Lane & Epworth 2
Attendance: 80

It is the Czech winter break, so I will post some old games I have attended over the past few years. I lived in Leciester from 2005-2006, and as such I adopted a local non-league club. My method of selection was to pick the club closest to where I lived. Actually, Leicester City was the closest, but I wanted a non-league club, and it ended up being Friar Lane & Epworth. For those two years, I travelled around Leicestershire following them in their Championship season in the Leicestershire Senior League. The year after, they were promoted to the Midlands Football Alliance, which meant more time spent on the trains. Luckily, I had a students card which saved me quite a lot of money, as trains in England can be quite expensive.

On this particular day, I went to the city of Hereford, which is close to Wales. It took me 3.5 hours to get there with a change in Birmingham and Worcester. The club manager joked that I arrived their quicker than the team bus, as they arrived just before kickoff. I remember it was me and one other Friar Lane supporter at the game, which was typical for Friar Lane & Epworth away games in the Midland Football Alliance. I think on this day, it was close to 100 mile trip one way. Even though I can't go to Friar Lane & Epworth games anymore, as I live in a different country, I still check on them weekly. They were the first club I properly supported outside of Canada.

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