Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28th, 2010 - Hockey - Krajská liga jižní Moravy a Zlina - HC Grewis Plumlov 8 Dynamiters Blansko 0

November 28th, 2010
Krajská liga jižní Moravy a Zlína (4th division)
HC Grewis Plumlov 8 Dynamiters Blansko 0
Attendance: 50
Admission: 20kc

As sporting events are few and far between (I really don't want to go watch the local basketball or volleyball teams), I decided to head out on a late Sunday afternoon to the ice arena in Prostějov.

Plumlov is a small town of around 2,500 located 10km from Prostějov. They play in the 4th (and lowest) level of ice hockey in the Czech Republic. There are around 10 other 4th division leagues in the Czech Republic. Last year, the club actually folded half-way through the season, but this year they were brought back as kind of a "B" team to LHK Prostějov (3rd division club).

Blansko were in the 3rd division a few years back, but are now playing in the 4th division. Not many people were at this game. The admission is cheap, although I am not sure how many people came from Plumlov to watch. It seemed everyone at the game were casual supporters, as they didn't even cheer/clap when Plumlov scored. The game was completely one-sided, as the score would suggest.

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