Monday, November 1, 2010

October 27th, 2010 - Ondráškova Cup (Czech Cup) 4th round, 1st leg - HFK Olomouc 4 Jablonec 2

October 27th, 2010
Ondráškova Cup - 4th round, 1st leg
HFK Olomouc 4 (3rd division) Jablonec 1
Admission: 30kc
Attendance: 424 (away support of 3)
Game rating: 9/10
Beer: Radegast 24kc for a pint
Distance travelled: 50km

The first time I was at Holice to watch HFK Olomouc was back in 2002 when they played a cup game against Opava. I honestly can't remember what division they were in back then, but I think the 2nd division. Anyway, at the time, the stadium was very basic, with just one stand behind the benches. Even that stand only went half way down the pitch. On the other side of the pitch there was three concrete steps, with one row of seating. A few years back, the club did a major upgrade to the stadium, and now it has seating on three of the four sides. It isn't quite good enough for the 1st division, but the stadium can be easily expanded. It was only a couple years ago that HFK Olomouc were close to promotion to the 1st division. They now sit in the 3rd division, and look to stay there, because Opava is currently running away with 1st place.

I don't think I have written about a game at this stadium, but I've been there so many times it is easy to forget. The last time I was there, I went to a winter training match in -10C temperatures. Never again.

Jablonec must consider themselves very lucky to come away with only a 4-2 loss. Their only two goals came from the penalty spot, and the last goal was scored on the last play of the game. It was a controversial call, and to be fair, Jablonec didn't deserve it. HFK Olomouc outplayed them all game, but they will be in for it the next leg in Jablonec on November 10th. I have read that the game will be free to the public. The attendance for this game was much better than I thought it would be because it was played on a weekday afternoon at 15:30. HFK Olomouc usually averages around 300-400 a game.

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