Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 17th, 2010 - Olomoucký Kraj - Olomouc - IV Třída Skupina B - Odrlice 5 Drahanovice 3

October 17th, 2010 - Olomoucký Kraj - Olomouc - IV Třída Skupina B (10th level)
Odrlice 5 Drahanovice 3
Attendance - 90kc
Admission - 10kc
Distance travelled - 65km

I finally got to a new ground this past weekend. I was taking a look at the local newspaper, and I came across this game. Odrlice is a village of 220 people, which makes it the smallest place I've watched a game. It was easy for me to get to, as I could take a direct local train from Prostějov which took me about 40 minutes. When I got off of the train, I was in the middle of a field, with the village being a five minute walk away. I knew I was in a farming area because of the tractors and smell. On my way to the village, I came across "New York" with an arrow spray painted on the road. Obviously, someones idea of a joke. The village itself was just one road and that is it. There was obviously a church, and a pub.

It was a very cold day for mid-October with the temperature sitting around 6C and a strong wind. The pitch is right behind the church. I walked up and saw huge trees, and a beautiful pitch for this level of football. The facilities were very basic, but what can you expect? You could buy beer, and sausages. The training facilities have obviously seen better days. Although, they serve their purpose.

I was really surprised with the level of play. The home team were sitting in place, with the visitors in the middle of the table. Both showed good skill (again for the level), and played attacking football. I would say the score is a little harsh on Drahanovice, as they certainly didn't play that bad. They scored a goal in the last minute to make the scoreline a little more respectable. After the match, I walked back to the train stop, sat on the bench, and tried to stay warm for 1-hour.

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