Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 6th, 2010 - Olomoucký kraj - Prostějov - IV třída skupina B - Sokol Ivaň 2 FC Morávia Doloplazy 2

June 6th, 2010 - Olomoucký kraj - Prostějov - Skupina B (10th level)
Sokol Ivaň 2 FC Morávia Doloplazy 2
Attendance - 30
Admission - Free ?
Distance travelled - 30km

Ivaň is a small village of around 500 located roughly between Prostějov and Přerov or Tovačov, if like. Getting to the village by public transportation is impossible on the weekends, as no buses go to the village. So, you either have to go to car, or take a bus to a near by village. In my case, I took a bus to Klopotovice and walked the last 2km to Ivaň. Klopotovice is a small village of 300 people which I have been to a number of times, as it has a decent bus service, and is located between a number of villages with football clubs.

The pitch at Ivaň was slightly unusual as it looked like it was built into the side of a hill. On one side you can see a small hill rising up from the pitch. Facilities were basic, very basic. They had portable toliets, and the main building looked rather run down. There was a small shed where beer was sold, and I assume other drinks. With all this being said, it was not too bad for a club at the bottom of the Czech football pyramid. Most people stood during the game, but there were a few benches scattered around.

This was the first weekend of warm weather since last year, and it seemed the players had problems dealing with it. The pace of the game was quite slow. Doloplazy needed the three points as they were fighting for promotion to the league above. However, they did not seem to play with any sense of emergency. Ivaň took the game to them a number of times, and they were unlikely not to come away with the three points in the end.

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