Friday, May 29, 2009

May 24/09 - Olomoucký Kraj - OFS Prostějov - IV třída Skupina B - Želeč 2 Doloplazy 3

May 24th, 2009
Olomoucký Kraj - OFS Prostějov - IV třída skupina B (10th tier)

Želeč 2 Doloplazy 3
Attendance: 100
Admission: Free
Game rating: 8/10
Beer: Gambrinus (20kc)

The game between Želeč (population 500) and Doloplazy (population 500) was a local derby, as both villages are only 5km from each other.  To get to Želeč on the weekend, it is easiest to take a train from Prostějov to Doloplazy and then walk the 5km to Želeč.  Not that anyone will be making this trip any time soon... I assume.  The ground was quite simple, with a few benches scattered around, and a little booth for beer.   

Doloplazy are usually a fixture at the bottom of the table year after year, but they put in an excellent performance and fully deserved the three points.  

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