Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 11th - Olomoucký Kraj - Okres Jeseníky - II Třída - Zlate Horý B 7 Kobyla 0

May 11th, 2009 
Olomoucký Kraj - Okres Jeseníky - II Třída (8th level/division)

Zlate Horý B 7 Kobyla 0
Admission: Free
Attendance: 70
Game rating: 6/10
Beer: Pint of Gambrinus for 20kc

Zlate Horý is a beautiful little town surrounded by the Jeseníky mountains, and about 1km from Poland.  The area is great for hiking, seeing castles, and other outdoor activities.

I must admit that curiousity got the best of me on this day.  Zlate Horý is almost a 4-hour trip each way by train from Prostějov.  However, I wanted to see Kobyla play.  II Třída, Okres Jeseníky is the lowest level of football in the Jeseníky area.  It is the 8th level, while in the Olomoucký Kraj football goes down to the 10th level.  Essentially this means that there is no relegation from the 8th level in Jeseníky.  

This is where it gets interesting, well... perhaps not.  Kobyla has played around 120 games over the past four and a half seasons.  They have only won 18 of those while scoring about 120 goals, but giving up an astounding 620.  I wonder if there is another team in the Czech Republic who has struggled as much as Kobyla over the past few years? 

To be fair, Kobyla is a very small village, and the player pool is probably quite small.  On this day they were outplayed, but despite the scoreline they held their own.  With a little more luck, they could have scored a goal or two.  

A few players on the Kobyla backline were getting on their keeper after a few soft goals, but the marking was awful.  The players on Kobyla were just lacking some fundamentals, but the have to be respected.  No matter how bad it gets, they turn up every game, with the hopes of winning.  This is football, playing because you love the game.  Sure, their heads got a little down after tow goals in the first two minutes, but the effort was there for the full 90 minutes.

The top team of Zlate Hory plays in the 5th division.

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