Friday, September 5, 2008

September 3rd - Czech Cup - 2nd Round - Třinec 0 Sigma Olomouc 4

September 3rd - Czech Cup - 2nd Round
Trinec 0 Sigma Olomouc 4
attendance - 907
admission - 50kc
game rating - 2.5/5

Trinec is city of 40,000 quite close to the Polish border in Eastern Czech Republic. It is most known for its huge (the largest in the Czech Republic) steel works factory. As soon as you get out of the train station you see this huge factory complex. Needless to say, you could smell the pollution. It was a 340km round-trip by train, which took 2 hours getting there, and 4 hours on the way back.

FK Trinec play in the Druha Liga (2nd division), and this year they sit just above mid-table. The club plays in quite an old, and basic looking stadium which has a capacity of around 2,000. There is a brand new stadium, with a football pitch, right beside the older stadium. However, talking to someone at the club they don't really want to play at the 'athletic' stadium. There is hope that the football stadium will be expanded at some point, but right now there is no money.

Last year, Sigma Olomouc had a disasterious Czech Cup campaign. They lost in the 2nd round to 4th division Sokol Konice on penalties. This year, they made sure not to repeat their poor performance. The visitors opened up the scoring in the 4th minute and from there on in controlled most of the game. It was a rather straight forward affair, which wasn't too interesting. Olomouc is about 20km from where I live, and I use to follow them quite closely over the past few years. Now that I live in Prostejov, I don't watch them as much. I do go to the occassional home and away game. There were only 7 Sigma Olomouc supporters at the match because it was played on a Wednesday at 17:00. Most people were either finishing school or at work. Sigma Olomouc next plays Karvina (druha liga) at 16:30 on September 24th in the Czech Cup 3rd round.

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