Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sept 6/08 - Olomoucky Kraj - 1. A Trida - Klenovice na Hane 2 Jesenec 2

September 6, 2008
Olomoucky Kraj - 1. A Trida (6th level)
Klenovice na Hane 2 Jesenec 2
Attendance: 220 (away support - 20)
Admission: 15kc
Beer: 18kc
Game rating: 9.5/10

Klenovice na Hane is a small village of around 600 located about 10km south of Prostejov. I had to take a train to a nearby village called Celcice, and then walk 2km to Klenovice na Hane. This is the second year that the hosts have been in the 1. A Trida. Previously they were in 1. B Trida, which is one level below. Jesenec are playing in their first year at this level. They are a club, from a very small village of 300, but they have a lot of ambition. I was at their ground earlier this year for a preliminiary round Czech Cup game. They are near the top of 1. A Trida, and are certainly one of the early favourites to be promoted.

The game itself was fantastic. This was what football should be all about. A thorougly exciting match, which would put to shame some of the football played in the English Premier League (for example). For Klenovice, this was obviously a game which they felt they needed to win, and certainly played that way. They took a 2-1 lead late in the game, and looked all but certain for the win. However, Jesenec scored a dramatic last second goal. In the end, the result was a little harsh for Klenovice na Hane because they dominated much of the 2nd half.

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