Monday, September 22, 2008

September 13/08 - Olomoucký kraj - I.B třída "A" - Haná Prostějov 0 Všechovice 5

September 13/08
Olomoucký kraj - I.B třída "A" (7th division)

Haná Prostějov 0 Všechovice 5
Attendance: 50
Admission: 15kc
Game rating: 6/10

I was quite disappointed with this match considering Haná Prostějov is the club I support. Oddly enough, going into this game they hadn't won at home this season, but they play quite well on the road. The visitors today Všechovice, whom hadn't lost in 5 games to start the season, scoring 15 goals and only giving up 1. Despite the scoreline, Prostějov played quite well. They certainly didn't look out of place against one of the league leaders. The main difference was the keeper. He had an awful game for Prostějov today. It just wasn't his day, and upon reflection after the game, I thought he would be very lucky to start the next game for Prostějov. You could tell the soft goals given up really deflated the hosts. As a former keeper, I know that there are sometimes games when everything goes wrong.

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