Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September 29, 2013 - 2. liga floorball - Playmakers Prostějov 3 Havířov 9

September 29, 2013
2. Liga Floorball - 3rd tier
Playmakers Prostějov 3 Havířov 9
Attendance - 9

I was not able to get to a football game a few weekends back, so I had to settle for a floorball game in Prostějov.  It has always been my last resort.  Apparently, many people in Prostějov also think so as the attendance was only 9 people.  To be fair, Playmakers Prostějov usually get around 30-40 people, but it all depends on when the game starts.  They usually play their home games at random times throughout the weekend depending on the availability of the hall.  This particular game was played on a Sunday morning at 10am which could have explained the crowd.  There was one supporter who had a home made banner and chanted throughout the match.  He seems to be a regular at the games, as I always see him.

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