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September 1st, 2012 - Okresní Přebor Prostějov - SK Prostějov 6 Olšany 0

September 1st, 2012
Okresní Přebor - Prostějov (8th tier)
SK Prostějov 6 Olšany u Prostějova 0
Attendance - 70
Admission - 15kc

Technically, the SK Prostějov side in the 8th tier is the B team, but I will just write SK Prostějov.  The first team plays in the MSFL, which is the 3rd tier.  However, there are some people who do not recognize the team in the MSFL.  I will get into that later this week with another post.

After a few years of playing in villages around Prostějov, SK finally came home and are playing in the city.  They were reformed two seasons ago in the 10th tier, and have won back-to-back promotions.  After 6 games this season they have won all 6.  It seems they are doing even better this year at a higher level than last year.  Although, there does seem to be a number of new faces in the squad.

The stadium where they play is the old training ground for SK before they disappeared a few years back.  It has been fixed up, and most of the long grass and weeds around the pitch have been cleared.  They have installed proper changing rooms, and during matches there is a small table with person selling beer.

On this day, Olšany were lucky to escape with only a 6-0 loss, as it could have been much worse.  The keeper of Olšany made a number of crucial saves, and if it was not for him, it easily could have been 10-0 or more.

An old post about what the ground looked like during the Autumn of 2010.

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