Friday, June 22, 2012

Football news from Prostějov

With the end of the season, there has been some news as of late.  SK/FK Prostějov are supposed to merge next season, and they will take the name SK.  They were essentially the same club this past season, but had different names.  The SK Prostějov side from last year will be the B team this year, and will play in Okresní Přebor - Okres Prostějov (8th tier).  The first team will play in the MSFL, which is the 3rd tier of football in the country.

The stadium where SK will play is in the midst of renovation, and a new grass field will be put in over the summer.  Apparently, this will cause SK to play their first few games on the road.  Also, I have heard that Haná Prostějov will have to play on the inadequate artificial turf field next to the main pitch for the first half of the season.  A new stand will also be built, but I do not know when it is supposed to be completed.  Currently, the stadium only has a seating capacity of 120 or so, which is not nearly good enough for the 3rd tier of football.

At the moment, SK Prostějov think that the MSFL is a perfect fit for them, and they do not intend to win promotion to the 2nd division.  They hope to sign a few new players over the summer break.

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