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March 25th, 2012 - Okres Přerov III třída - Bochoř 2 Polkovice 0

March 25th, 2012
Okres Přerov III třída (9th tier)
Bochoř 2 Polkovice 0
Attendance: 110
Admission: ?
Distance travelled: 85km

Finally, I was able to go to a match outside of Prostějov. I had to find a place which was easy enough to reach by train, and not too far away. Bochoř was a perfect fit for these requirements , as it is only 40km away by train. To get to the village I took a 'slow' train from Prostějov to Nezamyslice where I caught a train headed towards Přerov. I got off the last stop before Přerov, a small village called Věžky. From there I walked along a path next to the train tracks for about a kilometre until I reached Bochoř.

About 1,000 people live in the village. It is really known for anything, but there a beautiful old church and a very small lázně. The football pitch is located on the edge of town, and along the main road. Like most small villages, you have to try very hard not to find a football pitch.

The pitch is separated from the road and homes with a fence. There is the usual pub stand with sausages and beer, and an outdoor seating area. Funnily enough, this is where a lot of people seemed to pass the game, not really watching it at all. In a village the local pub isn't always open, so a football game is a good place to find a beer or four.

The visitors, Polkovice, recently spent a few years in Okres Prostějov, but made the switch back to the Přerov region. Their team on the day was made up of 11 field players, and one coach. No one else was on the bench, as apparently they had some injury problems. Polkovice are near the bottom of the standings anyway, so missing a few players could have proved to be a huge problem.

Since this was the 9th tier of football the play wasn't the best, but that was to be expected. Poor touches, and poor play was the theme of the day. However, football is football, and the game was still entertaining enough if you take into account the level of play. The hosts controlled much of the game and probably deserved a wider margin of victory. The visitors had a decent counter attack, and with a little more luck, could have put one into the net. However, they never looked like getting anything from the match.

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