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September 10th, 2011 - III třída - Prostějov - Haná Prostějov B 2 SK Prostějov 0

September 10th, 2011
III třída (9th division)
Haná Prostějov B 2 SK Prostějov 0
Attendance: 250
Admission: 20kc

The long awaited (or not) derby between Haná Prostějov B and SK Prostějov was played last weekend. Apparently, this was the first derby in Prostějov between clubs in the city in over 40 years. SK Prostějov are clearly the more notable name in the city, as they have been around for much longer, and for a few years they played in the 2nd division. As I have stated a number of times, they recently reformed in the 10th division, which led to the derby match last weekend. Haná has traditionally been the 3rd, or 4th club in the city, depending on how many clubs existed at a given time. Their first team is lucky to get 150 people a game, while their "B" team can generally expect 20-50 people.

Needless to say, SK Prostějov were heavy favourites going into this match. Since they reformed last year, they hadn't lost a league match (25 played), and the average age for Haná B was 33! I must give credit to Haná B, as they didn't really call up any first team players to pad the roster, they played with what they normally play with week in and week out.

I was hoping this match would have been played on the grass pitch, but for some reason it wasn't. It was played on the artificial pitch, which is of poor quality, and the size doesn't fit the regulations. To make matters worse, there were no real facilities for spectators. People had to stand at the back of the main stand (which faces the grass pitch). There wasn't enough room for everyone, so people had to stand two or three deep. Other people sat on the grass behind a huge metal fence. About 30 SK Prostějov ultras showed up to support their club. They had the usual banners etc. There were no real incidents, except for play being stopped for about 10 minutes in the first half. This was as a result of a 'controversial' call by the assistant referee which caused a slight up-roar amongst the ultras. After Haná B scored two quick goals in the second half, they were quiet for the rest of the match. No one really expected the hosts to win, but I have to wonder if SK Prostějov took them a little too lightly, and perhaps did not go into the match with the right frame of mind.

It should be pointed out that the oldest player on the pitch (48 years old), scored the first goal for Haná, on a beautiful side foot volley from just outside the 18-yard box.

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