Friday, May 20, 2011

Sokol Zdětín

Three years ago, I went to Zdětín to watch Haná Prostějov play. The village has a population of 312, and it isn't too far from Prostějov - 15 minutes by train. Despite the small size, they actually have a B team which plays in the 10th level of football. At the time, the A team played in the Okresní Přebor - Prostějov, which is the 8th level of football in the Czech Republic. During the Spring of 2008, I started to follow Haná Prostějov, and I decided to go to as many games as I could.

Getting to the village was slightly problematic, as I had to take a local train to the Zdětín station. Funny, as the train station is located a good 3-4km walk from the village. So, it meant I had long way, both ways, through the Czech countryside.

The pitch was as basic as they come, with a few benches, and no railings. However, it had a beautiful location, looking over the countryside. The game was a little bit of a bust, as I arrived on a Sunday, I think, and the game might have been played on the Saturday. Actually, I never found out what happened. Haná Prostějov had already won promotion, so the game didn't have a lot of important for either team.

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