Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23rd, 2010 - Moravskoslezský Kraj - Okresní Bruntál - IV Třída Skupina B - FC Kovárna Malá Morávka B 3 Spartak Dvorce 4

Moravskoslezský kraj - Okresní přebor - IV Třída Skupina B
FC Kovárna Malá Morávka B 3 Spartak Dvorce 4
Attendance: 45
Admission: Free
Distance travelled: 180km

Malá Morávka (population 719, elevation 660m) is a small village in the Jeseníky moutains. Getting there can be problematic on weekends if you going by public transportation. As I wanted to see a game in Morávka, I had to watch the B team play at 14:00 because this meant I would be able to get back to Prostějov that night.

The village can be reached by train, but it is better to get there by bus. There are options from Brno, Olomouc, and Opava to name a few. Many people come here in the winter for skiing and the summer for hiking, not for football. The pitch is located a short 5 minute walk from the main train station. I was quite surprised about the ground, because the main building and stands were located 30m or so up a hill. This gave a great view of the pitch. I read that the area received quite a lot of rain over the past week, and it showed. The pitch was quite choppy and muddy, which led to the ball taking a number of strange bounces. Despite this being the 10th level of football in the Czech Republic, I thought the game was entertaining enough.

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First of all congratulations for this website!
I'm from Belgium and I 'll travel to your country this sumer to visit some football grounds. I've 2 questions and I hope you can answer me:
1)I saw on Google Earth that there is an important football stadium in Stare Mesto next to Zlin.I can't find any football club on the web in this city. It's not the big Zlim stadium which is in the center of Zlin.
2) Also on Google Earth, I saw a big old ground just a few hundred meters of the actual Vitkovice stadium in sout of Ostrava. Which ground is that?

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