Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guide to football in Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou

The purpose of this post, is to promote the football clubs based in the city of Olomouc. I'll try to provide a little historical background on the clubs and where to find the respective stadiums. Withregards to the directions to the stadiums, it'll only be for informational purposes. Please double check the locations before going to a game. I'll do my best to be accurate, but mistakes are possible. Over the next little while, I will feature one club.

1. FK Autodemont Horka nad Moravou
Olomoucký Kraj - Okresní Přebor (8th level)
Map to stadium (walk up Bezruče, along the river and you will find the stadium)

Horka nad Moravou is a village within the city limits of Olomouc. It easiest to reach by city buses number 18 and 20. It is also possible to get to the village by local train, but this is not the best option. From the centre of the village, the football pitch is a short 5 minute walk.

The club has seen better times, as recently as 2004/05 they were playing in Divize D which is the fourth level. Now, they have fallen all the way down to the 8th level. I remember I went to the stadium twice in 2002, as Sigma Olomouc B played their games in the village, while competing in the 3rd division. The same year, I saw Horka play Slušovice, if I remember correctly.

Horka finished in a respectable 10th place in the 2004/05 season of Divize D. However, after the season, theydropped down. I am not sure exactly why, but I can guess that it was financial. Since then, they have bounced around a few of the lower levels. Now they find themselves in the 8th level after relegation last year. It looks like they won't be relegated, nor promoted this year, as they find themselves in mid-table. I can't really make any comments on the ground, as I haven't been there in so many years.

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