Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18th, 2010 - Olomoucký Kraj - IV Trída Skupina B - TJ Biskupice 1 FC Morávia Doloplazy 5

April 18th, 2010
Olomoucký Kraj - IV Třída, Skupina B (10th level)
TJ Biskupice 1 FC Morávia Doloplazy 5
Attendance: 65
Game rating: 8/10
Distance travelled: 20km

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to travel to the small village of Biskupice (population 260). There aren't many villages of this size which has uch a small population and a football club. The club plays at the 10th, and lowest level, of football on the Czech pyramid.

Getting to Biskupice was easy enough, as there are a few direct buses on the weekends going towards Přerov. The trip takes about 25 minutes to go 15 kilometers. I arrived a little early, to find not one pub open, nor a shop, which wasn't too surprising. I walked around for a few minutes and then made my way to the pitch. On the way back, I decided to walk to a nearby village called Kralice na Hane, but it was further than I thought, so I had to run to catch the bus back.

The pitch was a little lop-sided, but the grass was in excellent condition. Part of it was surrounded by metal fencing. Seating was basic, with just a few benches scattered around the pitch. Before the game kicked off, a little window opened up in the clubhouse selling beer.

Saturday on Sunday were days of national mourning for the Polish President and government officials killed in the tragic plane crash. As such, there was a minute of silence before kick off. For a game at such a low level, I thought it was excellent. The play was fast and physical, but Doloplazy was obviously the better team. They needed to win, to keep up with hopes of getting promotion. If they did this, it would be a big surprise, as they normally sit near the bottom of the table.

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