Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 20th, 2010 - Gambrinus Liga - Sparta Prague 4 Sigma Olomouc 0

March 20th, 2010 - Gambrinus Liga
Sparta Prague 4 Sigma Olomouc 0
Attendance: 11,000 (100 away support)
Admission: 180kc
Distance travelled: 570km

Well, I finally made the trip to Prague to see Sigma play Sparta. I couldn't have picked a worse day. As it was last Saturday that the news of a potential bribery scandal broke involving Sigma Olomouc and Bohemians Prague (no, not Bohemians Prague 1905, but the other one). Apparently, there is 'proof' coming from the owner of Bohemians Prague that Sigma game them 300,000kc to throw the last game of the 2008/09 season. Sigma had to beat Bohemians, which they did 3-0, to qualify for the 2009/10 Europa League. Who knows what will happen? If Sigma is found guilty of corruption, they will either be kicked out of the league or deducted 20 points. More news can be found on the Czech Football Daily blog -

I took the train from Prostějov to Prague early on Saturday morning. After my arrival, I decided to walk from the main train station in Prague to the Sparta stadium. It was an easy enough walk of a few kilometers through the old town.

Eventually, I found the away supporters entrance, and I bought my ticket. As for the game, it was hard to watch. The ref called a weak red card and penalty against Sigma halfway through the 1st half. This decision basically killed the game. The Sigma supporters were in good voice throughout the game, despite the result. Normally Sigma takes between 5-50 supporters to away games, but on this day they brought 100.

My Czech friends thought I was crazy to go watch Sigma play at Sparta, but there wasn't any problems during the game. However, after the game, there was some minor scuffling. The riot police put the Sigma supporters on a bus, but apparently the fans weren't getting on quick enough. This led to some scuffles between the police and fans. The bus was surrounded by police and whisked through the streets of Prague.

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