Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oct 4/08 - Olomoucký kraj - 1.A třída skupina B - Plumlov 3 Sokol Klenovice 3

Olomoucký kraj - 1.A třída skupina B (6th division)
Plumlov 3 Sokol Klenovice 3
attendance: 80
admission: 15kc
game rating: 8.5/10

The town of Plumlov (population 2,500) lies 8km to the west of Prostějov, which is a short 15-minute bus ride away. It is known locally for its reservoir area, which was built to help prevent flooding in the early 20th century. Now it is a popular area for boating and swimming in the summer. There is also a striking, but run-down chateau over looking the town. It was built in the 17th century on the area of a former castle. It closely follows the architectural design of Italian renaissance. In 1643, Plumlov fell to the invading Swedes. There are also a few beautiful bike/walking trails from Prostějov, if you happen to find yourself in the area.

This was my second time seeing Sokol Klenovice this season. I previously saw them play league leaders, Jesenec, earlier this month.

Both teams going into the game today sat in mid-table. The ground in Plumlov is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by a forest. I originally had problems finding it, but I saw a group of elderly men walking down a path, and I figured they were probably heading to the ground.

It was an exciting game, with 7 or 8 yellow cards. The ref quickly set theme for the afternoon with a yellow card in the first few minutes. It turned out to be an afternoon of nasty fouls, a lot of lip from both teams, and coaches. I suspect there must have been a history between these two teams, because there was certainly a high amount of tension throughout the game. Klenovice led 2-0 at the half, but the hosts quickly found a 3-2 late in the game, only to find the visitors to grab a late goal to share the points. Overall, an exciting game for a neutral.

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