Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 World Futnet (Nohejbal) Championships in Brno

Brno recently hosted the World Futnet (Nohejbal) Championships over the weekend at Nov 18-20 at Vodova Hala.  For those of you who do not know, the Czech Republic and Slovakia utterly dominate this sport, which makes sense since they invented it.  At times Hungary and Romania might challenge, but usually not for first place.

Games were played in the old hall (built in the 1970's with a capacity of 900) and the new hall (built in 2001).  The old hall had the classic 1970's look complete with what I assume to be the original wooden seats.  Most people didn't games in the old hall because the 'lesser' were playing.  The new hall is a great facility and seats around 3,500.  For the qualifiers on Friday (which I attended) there were probably around 500 people.  The final day had a sell out of 3,500.

I made the short trip to Brno to watch minnows Canada play.  They were clearly out of their league against the top nations, but competed quite well with the other nations in Division B.  Nohejbal is a great sport to watch, especially at the top level.

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