Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 14 - Euro 2016 qualifier - Slovakia 2 Macedonia 1

June 14, 2015
Euro 2016 Qualifier in Žilina
Slovakia 2 Macedonia 1
Att - 10,765 (sold-out)

Žilina was only a 3-hour train trip from Prostějov so I could not pass up the opportunity to watch Macedonia play.  It is most definitely not a tourist city, and it is a little rough around the edges, but it is interesting enough.  The match sold out quite quickly as the Slovaks were in 1st place in the group.  About 20 Macedonians came from Austria for the game, but I was alone in the rest of the stadium. However, it is something I have felt before supporting Canada, so it was not a problem for me.  Macedonia were terrible in the first half, but they improved in the second half.  With that being said, they still deserved to lose.

The trip home began at midnight and after a 560kc taxi ride to Prostějov from Olomouc I was home at 4:30am.

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