Monday, September 29, 2014

September 6, 2014 - EHF Cup - Zabrze 36 Strumica 25

EHF Cup - 1st Qualifying Round
Zabrze (Poland) 36 Strumica (Macedonia) 25
Attendance - 400

I was expecting a little larger crowd at the game because this was a European Cup match, however Zabrze priced the tickets too high (in my opinion)... 22zl, 27zl, or 57zl for a family.  The atmosphere wasn't great, but there were some people trying to create it.  5 or 6 people connected with Strumica were in the crowd, and my family (supporting Strumica).  It was a disappointing to see the visitors collapse in the 2nd half.  Zabrze were clearly a better side, but the match should have been closer.

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