Friday, June 6, 2014

Brodek u Prostějova 7 Haná Prostějov 0

June 1st, 2014
Okresní Přebor Prostějov - 8th division
Brodek u Prostějova 7 Haná Prostějov 0
Attendance - 90

Brodek u Prostějova is a village of 1500 located about 15km south of Prostějov.  The village does not have a train station, but it is possible to reach by bus as it is on the road to Brno.  The last bus leaving the village towards Prostějov leaves around 20:30.

Ten years ago, Brodek played in the Olomoucký kraj 1 B třída (7th division).  They finished fourth from bottom.  A year later, they finished in the exact same position, but despite this still dropped down a level.

The stadium is located about 100m from the centre of the village.  The main stand is actually quite decent for the level of football.  Radegast is on draft for 21kc, so not a bad way to spend a warm Sunday late afternoon.

The game was horrendous from the view point of a supporter of Haná.  The less said the better.

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