Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 31, 2013 - Slatinice 5 Haná Prostějov 1

Sparta support in Slatinice

August 31st, 2013
Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída - 6th division
Slatinice 5 Haná Prostějov 1
Attendance - 130

I think I have written about Slatinice before, so I will keep this short.  Slatinice is about 15km from Prostějov and by train it takes 30 minutes.  1500 people live in the village which is mostly known for a health spa.  The Haná were probably hoping to come away with a point, but they came up against a much younger Slatinice side.  The hosts basically dominated the entire 90 minutes.

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