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April 27, 2013 - Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída - Klenovice 3 Haná Prostějov 2

April 27, 2013
Olomoucký Kraj - 1 A třída, skupina B (6th tier)
Klenovice na Hané 3 Haná Prostějov
Attendance - 100

This was my second trip to Klenovice, but the first in almost 5 years.  It is a small town of around 2,000 located 10km south of Prostějov.  Getting there is quite easy.  The best way is to take a train from Prostějov to Čelčice, and from there walk about 20 minutes to Klenovice.  It is also possible to take a direct bus from Prostějov but there are not many during the weekends.

The ground has changed quite a lot since my last visit.  The biggest difference was a small hall, and the redeveloped main stand which has seating for about 100 people.  I would say that the club has one of the best stands from around the Prostějov area.

With a win, the hosts would basically assure their safety.  However, Haná needed to get three points because going into the game they were sitting in the relegation positions.  The first half did not start off that well, as two mistakes helped give Klenovice na Hané a 2-0 lead.  Haná fought back to tie the game 2-2 before the end of the first half thanks to a red card and penalty.  Unfortunately, despite being down to ten men, the hosts out played Haná in the 2nd half and took the three points.

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