Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 2, 2012 - 1 třída Prostějov futsal - Anděl 3 Zavadilka A 5

December 2, 2012
1 třída futsal - Prostějov - 5th tier
Anděl 3 Zavadilka A 5
Attendace - 20

December is mostly a month without football in Moravia, so I usually head out to watch a few of the local teams play futsal.  Last Sunday, I made the rather short 20 minute trip to Nezamyslice to watch 5th tier futsal.  At this level, at least in the Prostějov area, the league is played on the weekends and in tournament format.  As I mentioned, on this particular day Nezamyslice were the hosts.

The hall in the village is only a few year old, and has seating for about 150 people.  It is quite nice and modern, but I do not think it is really suited for futsal.  The walls are too close to the playing surface, which means when the ball is kicked out of bounds it usually bounces down the other side of the court.

I could only watch one of the 40 minute games on Sunday, which luckily for me was quite a good game.  Just a few years ago, Anděl, made it all the way to the round of 16 of the Czech futsal cup.  On their way to the round of 16 they knocked off three higher seeds.  In the end, they played Pardubice from the professional 1st division, and ended up losing.

As for the match on Sunday, I was quite surprised at the level of intensity and play.  Futsal is a sport that should be watched live to really appreciate it.

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