Friday, October 26, 2012

Big weekend for football in Prostějov

There are important games this weekend, one of which is a city derby.  Unfortunately, both games will largely be ignored.  On Saturday, Haná Prostějov hosts 2nd place Kojetín in the 1 A třída, which is the 6th tier of football in the country.  Kick off is at 1430, and it is obvious that Kojetín are heavy favourites against a Haná Prostějov side who are finding it difficult to fill out their roster.  24 hours, Haná Prostějov B hosts SK Prostějov in the Okresní Přebor - 8th tier.  The kick-off is also set for 1430.  Despite these two important games, both will be played on a rather poor artificial turf.

Football at all levels deserve attention, and not just the instant soup variety of SK Prostějov in the MSFL.  Put some hot water into a bowl, and a sprinkling of big name over-the-hill players, and mix for instant success.  Obviously, SK Prostějov has two sides, an A and B team, but I am stubborn and will not call the side in Okresní Přebor the B team.  They are the team which reformed a few years ago in the 10th tier, and have been working their way up the pyramid.  The way it should be done.

People of Prostějov should support clubs that have history, and not just clubs which have money.  However, I am not naive enough to believe that this will ever change.

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