Monday, August 27, 2012

The problem with football in Prostějov

If you can read or understand Czech you should take the time to read one supporters opinion about football in Prostějov.  -

The real SK Prostějov plays in the Okresní Přebor, and not in the MSFL.  The side that is the MSFL has no history.  They bought their way into the 4th tier last year, and now they are in the 3rd tier.  The team was formed about this time last year, and now they are already hosting Sigma Olomouc in the 2nd round of the Czech Cup.  It is amazing what money can buy.

The team that plays in the Okresní Přebor is a continuation of the club that dates back to 1904.  They are the ones who have history on their side.  If you want to go support a plastic side, go and watch the MSFL team.  Take a seat, and enjoy the game.  It is so quiet, it is like you are having a picnic in a forest.  Sadly, many people just do not care about the history of the game and SK Prostějov.  They just want their quick fix.

It is hurting football in this city.

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