Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sigma Olomouc - Spartak Stadion (?)

These pictures are from 2006, during a visit I made to Olomouc. For the most part, this stadium doesn't exist anymore, except for a small section of stone terracing, which is used for the new training facility. It was an old school bowl stadium, which used to be quite common around Central and Eastern Europe.

I believe it was called Spartak Stadion, but perhaps someone could confirm this? Before its demolition, the stadium was used in the 2000's for various Sigma Olomouc "B" games, and the occasional 2nd division game. I remember Opava playing at Spartak Stadion against Jakubčovice (I think) in a neutral site league game. I attended a few games here, and can't help remembering that it was not the best place to watch football, as the spectators were quite far from the play.

Despite a decent grass surface, the stadium was really beginning to fall apart. Grass was pushing itself up through the terraces, which were crumbling away to begin with. It wasn't long before Sigma tore down the stadium, and built an indoor training hall with an adjacent hotel. Ah, progress...

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