Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1 FC Přerov

I found myself in Přerov this week, and happened to walk by the Městský Stadion, so I decided to take a few pictures. The main part of the ground was actually locked, which limited the number (and quality) of pictures I could take.

Přerov is a city of 46,200 located in Moravia. It is on a major train line, so it is easy to reach for those of you who might decide to visit the city from one reason or another.

Football in the city has had a long, but complicated history. It wasn't too long ago, that the club spent three season in the Czech Republic 2nd division from 1996-1999. They underwent a merger and name change, and restarted. In 2002, the club played in the Okresní Přebor, and gained promoted to the Olomoucký Kraj 1 B třída in 2004. After a number of years, they finally find themselves in the Divize D or E (4th level) after winning promotion this past season. They are a club which could find themselves back in the 2nd division in a few years.

As for the stadium, I suppose it has a classic Czech 1970's feel. There is one big main stand, and a small standing section, which was probably bigger at one point. A huge minus for the ground, is the rather large athletics track.

More about the club can be found on their official website - 1 FC Přerov.

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