Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vitkovice withdraw from MSFL

I haven't been to any games as of late, because pickings are slim as a result of the winter break, but news regarding Vítkovice was released today.

Sad news out of Ostrava, as Vítkovice, has withdrawn from the MSFL (3rd division). They were unable to find further partners to help run the club. The club was formed in 1919, and made it to the 1988 UEFA Cup quarter-final, where they lost 2-0 on aggregate to Spanish club Espanyol. In 1986, they won the Czechoslovak title. Hopefully, they will be able to reform at the lower levels sometime over the next few years.

I went to see the club play at home against Bohemians Prague 1905 back in September 2008, when they were still in the 2nd division.

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