Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 25, 2009 - Olomoucký Kraj Přebor - HFK Olomouc "B" 4 Kralice na Hané 1

October 25, 2009
Olomoucký Kraj Přebor - 5th division
HFK Olomouc "B" 4 Kralice na Hané 1
Admisson: 20kc
Attendance: 60
Game rating: 6.5/10
Distance travelled: 45km

HFK Olomouc "B" play their games in Hodolany, which is just behind the main train station in Olomouc. The ground is perhaps a 10 minute walk away. The main ground of HFK Olomouc is a few kilometers away in Holice. I had been meaning to get to Hodolany for a few years, but I kept being put off by the 10:15 Sunday morning kickoff.

It is worth noting a little history about the ground in Hodolany. FK Hodolany was established in 1912, which made it one of the oldest clubs in Moravia. In the 2004/05 season, they played in the Olomoucký Kraj Přebor, but after theyseason finished the club dissolved into HFK Olomouc. Thus, the reason why HFK "B" now play in Hodolany, because they own the ground. In a way, it is too bad, that a club with such a long history as FK Hodolany, ended in a merger.

There is one main stand at the ground, and I could definitely tell that it was quite old. It perhaps has a capacity of 300-400 people, and it is in need of some repair. However, there are not too many stands still around which have the same type of look.

The game was completely one sided, with the hosts dominating the majority of the play. It was not until the last 10 to 15 minutes that Kralice started to get some run of play.


Rabbler said...

I love these old type of Czech stands. They would have be condemned years ago as unsafe in England...or burnt down by local brats!

I've just started uploading some on my blog from my trip at the end of October to Prague, & also I haven't forgotten about the programme I prosmised, just not got round to bothering to go to the post office yet! Will do so soon(ish!)

Jameson said...

Not a problem about the program. I look forward to seeing your pictures from your last trip.