Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30th, 2009 - MSLŽ - FK Olomouc 0 FC Brno B 2

August 30th, 2009 - Played at FK Nemilany
MSLŽ - 2nd level of women's football in the Czech Republic

FK Olomouc 0 FC Brno "B" 2
Attendance: 50
Admission: free
Game rating: 6/10

First of all, I should try to explain women's football here in the Czech Republic. The first division, called the is the only national division. The 2nd level is considered to be the MSLŽ here in Moravia and the ČŽFL in Bohemia. After that there are four third divisions in Bohemian and three in Moravia. So in total, there are three levels of women's football.

Women's football kind of takes a back seat in this country, and it has only been recently that it is starting to get a little more recognition. By this, I mean, traditional men's clubs are starting to add a women's side because the demand is slowly growing. With that being said, I live in Olomoucký Kraj, which has a population close to 1,000,000 and there are only two women's senior teams. Two! One in Olomouc and one in the village of Kostelec na Hané near Prostějov.
There was supposed to be a new team in Brodek u Konice, as they are still on the schedule, but not in the standings. So, perhaps they just did not play the first weekend?

It should also be said, that I think FK Olomouc is a renamed club. Up until a few weeks ago Nové Sady-Olomouc was listed in the schedule. They have played women's soccer for a few years now. It was not until last Friday that I noticed FK Olomouc, so I assume this is the old Nové Sady-Olomouc side? FK Olomouc play all of their home games, I think, at Olomouc-Nemilany, who have a 8th level men's football side.

I come from a country, Canada, where women's football is much more developed. However, I was quite pleased with the level of play on Sunday morning. The game was entertaining, even though FK Olomouc missed a few sitters. I will definitely head back to Olomouc to catch a few more games this autumn.

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