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June 20th, 2010 - Olomoucký Kraj - Okres Jeseník - II třída - Skorošice 1 Baník Kobylá 0

July 20th
Olomoucký Kraj - Okres Jeseník - II třída
Skorošice 1 Baník Kobylá 0
Attendance: 30
Admission: 10kc
Game rating: 6/10

Well, Skorošice (population 780) was certainly a difficult place to reach from Prostějov. More so on the way back, as I had to walk back to Žulová and then take four trains and a bus. That is what I get for going a small village on a weekend. All in all, it took me almost five hours to get back home. Five hours to go 140 kilometers!

The pitch was easy enough to find as it is on the edge of the town. However, in such a small place as Skorošice, everything is easy to find. It was quite a basic set up, with a few benches lining the sides of the pitch. The club house and bar were located across the road.

The II třída is the lowest level of football in the Okres Jeseník, while other areas of Moravia go down to the 10th level. There are many small villages in this area, and most of them cannot support a football club. So, there is no relegation, only promotion.

Kobylá going into the game had one win, one draw, and twenty seven losses. However, on the day they certainly deserved better against Skorošice. They seemed more organized in the back compared to the last time I saw them, and actually managed to create a few excellent scoring chances. The only thing which held them back was their poor finishing. On a few occasions they just had to tap the ball into the net. Too bad, as they were the better team on the day.

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