Monday, March 31, 2008

March 30th - 1. SK Prostějov U18 5 Litovel U18 1

Admission - free
Attendance - 50
Location - 2nd pitch of 1.SK Prostějov

With nothing better to do on a Sunday morning at 10am, I decided to venture out to the 1. SK Prostějov training ground to watch an U18 game. Both clubs play in the Olomoucký Prebor, which is based around Olomouc. I don't think SK Prostějov have lost a game this year, and they have pretty much dominated everyone. Today was no different. I was quite surprised at the level of play, as it was entertaining enough.

SK Prostějov does not have men's team this year, because of financial problems. They were in the 2nd division for a number of years not to long ago. Unfortunately they found themselves relegated to the third division a few years back, then the 4th division, and the 5th division. It seems like the club should have a men's team next year, but I don't know at what level.

This brings me to another point - ultras/supporters. Since the men's team doesn't exist this year, ultras/supporters have adopted the U18 side and I was quite surprised to see a few dozen at the game.

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